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9 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

I know I'm hard pressed to find a man who doesn't love beer. The passion, the great search for the best beer or most flavorful IPA - I'd put it right up there with their love for sports. It's clear America is going through a beer revolution with the number of micro and craft breweries growing exponentially in the last few year (check out the Beer Association's numbers).

So here are a few great ideas for the beer lover we all have in our lives:

1. Insulated Growler

The equivalent to a Swell bottle at hot yoga - these vacuum insulated growlers are popping up everywhere. I've seen them at breweries, camping stores and even Marshalls (I love a good deal). They hold 64oz of beer, keep it cold typically for up to 24 hours and are resealable to keep those bubbles in longer. Great for tailgating, camping, fishing and getting refilled at their favorite brewery. I've personally used the Yeti one and it's great, though there are plenty of options out there.

2. Beer Holster

We've come a long way since the wild wild west, but the holster is making a come back. There are several versions, but the gist is that it's a leather beer holder that straps onto a belt. Leaving your man with two hands for grills or playing lawn games - and an added benefit of them never losing their beer again.

3. Hop Infuser

IPA's, double IPAs - they're all over the menus at the best beer places in town. Now this one I haven't tried because I'm more of a golden ale kinda girl, but when I asked my resident beer aficionado, he recommended a contraption (or just a plain tea infuser) that let's you to add a more hoppy flavor to beer. Pretty ingenious and not something you see everyday.

4. Beer Quiver

I'm not sure it's technically called a Quiver, but it looks like what Katniss keeps her lifesaving arrows in. The one my boyfriend has holds 6 beers and is perfect for the beach, park, or a hike. Coolers are often a bit cumbersome to cary, which the quiver you can put on your back and and forget about it until you're thirsty or walking through a door.

5. Bottle Openers Everywhere

No one ever wants to be without a bottle opener. Nowadays I am so impressed with all of the places that they're hidden. Here are a few good ones: sunglasses, coaster, sandals, hat, bike mounted. This one doesn't have a dual use, but who doesn't love a good luchador?

6. Shower Beer Holder

You know the guy, the one who's cracking a beer first... then, everything else. I haven't used this one personally, but there's nothing like a cold drink in a warm shower. And maybe it'll entice them to actually get clean. No more choosing between a beer and a shower. Bed Bath and Beyond carries them and they always have 20% off coupons.

No list of mine would be complete without a few DIY options.

7. Advent Calendar of Beer (DIY)

Ok this is a Christmas themed one that I saw on Pinterest and loved (also a quick google search shows you can buy them now too). Basically you buy a bunch of different beers, wrap them so your beer lover doesn't know what they are and number them. Everyday for however many days they get to enjoy a new beer. I'm sure we can come up with a different names to spread the joy any time during the year... Month of Beer, Beer a Day, Birthday Beer Countdown... you get the idea. Get creative!

8. Beer Candle (buy or DIY)

Ok so this one is still in it's infancy from a DIY perspective. I just started making candles a few weeks ago and turns out a beer can or bottle is a great (and cheap) vessel. (DIY post coming soon!) You can also purchase them online - look for both candles made in beer bottles or candles that smell like beer. I just came across this Philadelphia Local company who takes used bottles from a bar and turns them into candles. Check out Lit Up!

9. Beer coasters (DIY)

When drinking, a good sidekick is always a coaster, especially if you're busy adulting. So grab some cheap square coasters or tiles, some 6-pack holders and some modge podge. Here's another blogger's beer coaster art. I personally like this one because of the zoomed/cropped way they choose to cut out the beer logos.

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