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3 Questions to Consider for the Perfect Gift

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Inspiration is all around us, but when you need it, it always seems to be hiding. So when it's time to get that gift for your mom, dad, friend or otherwise consider any one (or more) of these 3 questions. Maybe they'll bring to light great idea. So take out a pen, jot down all the answers and see what you come up with. Comment below that gift idea and help inspire someone else!

1. What are the top 3 things that bring joy to [NAME]?

Flipping Marie Kondo's life-changing tip around a bit, think about what really brings joy to your recipient. I suggest at least 3 because sometimes their top one is overplayed and it gives you more to work with. Is it an activity like golf, sailing, cooking or yoga? What could you get them that compliments that passion? Or is it something more intangible like time with their kids, enjoying a summer sunset, or hanging out with friends? These you'll have to get a little more creative with. For example, my aunt once gave my parents a photoshoot of my brother and I. It was a little cheesy, but those photos, canvas prints, and coffee mugs with our mugs on them are STILL all around the house. There are also a lot of great resources for art printing, say of a favorite place they like, on all mediums and phone apps (I personally use Enlight) make it easy for non-artists to change a photo into a stunning painting.

2. What is their personal style and taste?

When contemplating this question, take a mental dive into your recipient's home, clothing, and entertainment habits. Do they have the home of a minimalist? Then maybe something physical isn't the best idea. Though if they have a cozy eclectic style like me, then a trip to the local home boutique, Thai importer or World Market will do the trick. If you're still not inspired, consider what their clothing style says about them. Do they shop at thrift stores, boutiques or Neiman Marcus? If it fits your price point, get them something from their favorite store. Even if it doesn't fit, they'll find something they love there.

Sleuth tip: Don't know their favorite store? Next time you talk to them, give them a compliment on what their wearing or a piece you remember liking. People typically will divulge where they got something in their response.

3. What is happening in their life right now?

Life always seems to be constantly changing, but there are big pieces that can really define people and inspire a thoughtful gift. Are they heading to school, to a foreign country, to a new job? Or did they just buy a new house, get a pet or have a child? Now a days it does seem like there are parties and gifts for all of these life events meaning finding a gift for these occasions is easier than ever. Or get a little creative and make something for their new home, a care package for school, or help them reminisce about something in their past the love.


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