Welcome to Gifted With Love. I believe the age-old saying that "it is better to give than to receive" is true. There is no comparison to the heartwarming joy felt when you give - be it time, money,  a gift or energy. I like the idea of a happier, kinder world that believes in this feeling, which is why I spend (probably too much) time and anxiety trying to come up with the perfect gift for family and friends. 

And, it's why I've started Gifted With Love. Finding a gift is hard, let alone finding the perfect one for anyone special in your life. I’m not a gift giving expert (do those even exist?) and honestly, sometimes I don’t even know how I pull off some of the great gift ideas I've had. There’s definitely a lot of stress and chaos in that chase. So I’ve started this blog to explore what makes a great gift, where to find inspiration for an idea, and even how to make some of your own gifts - with love.


I hope you’ll join me on this journey of finding inspiration for the perfect gift and even help along the way!